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The 5th Grade Science Fair
Location: Outer Cafeteria
Dates: March 16-23rd
The Science Fair is an opportunity for students to explore independent topics of interest, and conduct controlled experiments to answer questions. Projects will be displayed in the outer cafeteria for our third annual fifth grade science fair. The most innovative and/or well-executed projects will be selected to participate in the third annual city-wide science exposition. Students may meet with me during my lunch period for individual guidance on their projects, or email me with any questions ( bburgler@ps29bk.org ).

List of Deadlines
Friday, February 27
Lab reports are due.
Week of March 1st
I will return the lab reports with my edits to students.
Week of March 9th
Revised (final) lab reports and posters are both due by science class (Monday for 5-500, Tuesday for 5-504 and 5-506, and Wednesday for 5-505).
Week of March 16th
Science Fair (posters will be showcased in outer cafeteria).
Week of March 23rd
Students bring posters home.

Science lab reports (about 2-3 pages) are due the week of February 8th (by Friday, February 13th). I will have bins by my door. If you need more time (in the case of some plant experiments, for instance) you can hand in the lab reports the week of February 23rd (after the break). After I receive the lab reports, I will edit your projects again, and hand them back to you again if necessary. Do not hand in posters yet. Finalized lab reports and posters will be due the week of March 9th.
In your reports, make sure to include:
  • Title
  • Experimental Question
  • Hypothesis
  • Variables (independent, dependent, and controlled)
  • Procedure
  • Results (chart, photographs, observations, graphs, etc.)
  • Conclusion (at least five sentences explaining what your results mean)

You can download any resources below (the checklist, planning page and example, and the rubric).

Resources for Download:

Tri-fold poster boards will be due the week of March 9th.

2014 Science Fair Project Abstracts