New York State Fourth Grade Science Test

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New York State Grade 4 Elementary-Level Science Test
Dear Fourth Graders and Families:
Many of you have started asking me about the upcoming New York State Science Test, which will take place at the end of May. This is a straightforward test on which our students generally perform very well. Of our school's students that took the test last year, 92% achieved a level 3 or a 4, which means that a majority of our students met or exceeded the state’s standards.
The test takes approximately two hours to complete. It is split into a hands-on component with stations, then a written component consisting of multiple choice and short answer questions. Concepts that are tested have been covered during science class throughout the years. Topics include magnetism and electricity, food chains and webs, water, force and motion, measurement, structures of life, and earth science.
In the early fall, test results will be available on ARIS. At that point, you can choose to include your score in some middle school applications or recommendation letters, especially for schools that emphasize science.
You can use my website to review concepts from the curricula of the third and fourth grades. I provided a link to the state science tests from the previous years, which include the answer keys and scoring guides. Finally, I uploaded a few resources, such as a list of frequently occurring vocabulary words, crossword puzzles, and mini-review packets, which you can download from my website. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.
Brigitte Bürgler


1. 4th Grade NY State Past Science Tests (2004-2013)

2. 2003 Science State Test

4th grade test 2003.pdf
4th grade test 2003.pdf
4th grade test 2003.pdf

3. Review Vocabulary for Science

Vocabulary Review for Science Test.doc
Vocabulary Review for Science Test.doc
Vocabulary Review for Science Test.doc

4. Crossword Puzzles for Reviewing Vocabulary

5. Mini Review Packet

6. Mini-Review Unit