Extension Activities to Try at Home

Air-Powered Cars

external image mdi-new-air-powered-vehicle.jpg

We design our own air-powered model cars in order to experiment with things (variables) that can change the speed of cars. These variables include the number of wheels, size of wheels, texture of road, amount of air, length of exhaust pipe, and mass.

external image rocket_car.gif external image 17.jpg

How do we build energy-efficient propeller boats?

external image cub_viking_activity1_figure4.jpg

Boat Resources

Article: University Students Design Energy-Efficient Boats in Switzerland

How to build model propeller boats out of craft sticks

Boat building video
New lobster boat design

Lemon Batteries

We create our own battery using lemons, zinc-plated nails, copper pennies, and alligator-clip wires. With just a couple of lemons, we can make a calculator function.

external image newbattery.gif

Acid-Base Rockets

Using an acid (vinegar) and a base (baking soda) inserted into a bottle then corked upside down, we create rockets. The vinegar and baking soda produce a gas (carbon dioxide) that pushes out the cork and pushes the bottle up into the sky.

external image Soda-rocket-materials-1024x971.png

Cabbage Juice Indicator

When you drip cabbage juice into liquids, it tells you whether something is an acid or a base.

external image Red_cabbage_pH_series.jpg


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