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Welcome to Ms. Bürgler's science website! Each grade has its own page with an overview of the current unit of study, diagrams, and links to resources such as videos, articles and books relevant to what we are learning. Please click on the links to each grade.

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3rd Grade Units of Study

1.Measurement: How do we measure the properties of matter?

2. Physics of Sound: What are the properties of sound?

3. Force and Motion: How do simple machines help us move objects?

4. Structures of Life: How are plants and animals suited to live in their environments?

*Current Unit

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4th Grade Units of Study

1. Water: What makes water special?

2. Food Chains and Webs: Which roles do plants and animals play in their environment?

*Current Unit

3. Magnetism and Electricity: What are the properties of electricity and magnetism?

4. Landforms: Which processes help shape land?

5. Review for New York State Fourth Grade Science Test

6. Fourth Grade Projects

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5th Grade Units of Study

1. Variables: How do we test variables in a controlled experiment?

2. Food and Nutrition: How do nutrition and exercise affect our health?

3. Environments: How are plants and animals connected in an ecosystem?

*Current Unit

4. Earth Movements: How do natural events affect our world?

5. Science Fair

Grades 3-5 Activities for Home

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Extension Activities

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Research Topics

Upper Grades Science Updates
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General Resources

1. NYC Science Scope and Sequence (K-12)

2. National Geographic for Kids

3. PBS Kids Zoom Science Activities

4. Science News for Kids

5. PBS Kids: Sid the Science Kid

6. Activities to Try at Home

7. Science Bob Science Activities

8. Steve Spangler Science Activities

9. New York Science Curriculum

10. Science Articles

11. 4th Grade Practice Science Tests

12. Article Search Engine: Searchasaurus( To login, enter this number: 27777000000000 )

13. Ms. Sperry's Research and Technology Website

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